Architectural Photography

SKM0954 Architectural Photography

Mann Island, Liverpool. Photo By Simon Kirwan

We are now using the 36 megapixel Nikon D800 for architectural and aerial photography. This produces images close in detail to large and medium format film cameras, and is the most advanced DSLR camera ever produced. Together with the 24mm PC-E lens, architectural images can now be produced similar to those from large-format technical cameras, with no converging verticals or other distortions of perspective.

We use the Nikkor 24mm PC-E Perspective Control lens for architectural photography, specifically designed to replicate some of the technical features of large format cameras, to enable DSLR cameras to utilise lens movements to assist in retaining correct perspective when photographing buildings, specifically to retain upright verticals. This lens transforms what is possible in architectural photography with a DSLR, and does provide a genuine solution to the problem of retaining correct perspective without using a technical large-format view camera.